Bising Live Virtual Concert

Bising Live Virtual Sneak Preview

How To Watch Full Virtual Live Concert

  1. Log In to your Tixorama account or Register as new User if you’re a new user.
  2. Go to Menu tab and select Virtual Live Concert > Bising Live Virtual or go to link
  3. Click Get Access To Watch and complete your purchase.
  4. Now you can watch the Full Virtual Concert from Bising Live Virtual from 9PM 19 June 2021 until 11PM 27 June 2021 by clicking the Watch Full Concert green Button.
  5. Enjoy the virtual concert from 5 great musicians brought to you by BSync Production.

*Note: If you’re UNABLE to access the Full Virtual Concert page after making the purchase, kindly email to and provide us your Tixorama username or email address.

Bising Live Virtual By BSyncLive

Price: RM35 per user

Date & Time: 9PM, 19 June 2021 - 11PM, 27 June 2021

Band Lineup:
1. Kugiran MASDO
2. Sil Khannaz
3. V.E.
4. No Good
5. Paladin

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