Lokein-O-Rama Virtual Fun Run Nov 2019

Good news for those who can’t join the Lokein-O-Rama Night Fun Run 2019 this 27th October 2019, worry not, we’re OPEN registration for the Virtual Fun Run for the event up to 500 participants only.

Registration fee:
RM69 including postage.

Run period:
15th November 2019 (00:00) until 30th November 2019 (23:59) GMT +8

This is a Virtual Fun Run, you can join and run anywhere in the world or on a threadmill. All you need is a GPS tracking apps/threadmill result/or any apps on your smartphone/smartwatch that can proof your running result.

Registration closing date:
27th October 2019 (23:59) GMT +8


1. Lokein-O-Rama Night Fun Run 2019 Finisher T-Shirt
2. Boombox medal
3. e-Certificate
4. Glow In The Dark Bracelet

How it works:
1. Register as a user on Tixorama.com.
2. Register for the Virtual Run below.
3. Run within the “Run Period” time.
4. Submit to us the running result by uploading the screenshot/photo at the order details or Whatsapp to us at the number we will use to notify you when the run period has started to get the reward (we will send via Pos Laju).

All you need to send to us is the result of the run in screenshot/photo. The screenshot/photo could be:
1. The GPS-tracking running app
2. Threadmill result
3. Any running tracker app on your smartphone/smartwatch.

Please sign in to your account at www.tixorama.com.

After signed in, click "My Ticket". Your ticket will be displayed under "My Order" section.

You can download your e-ticket there.

Yes, you need to. It will difficult for us to verified you and send you your reward after you have completed your virtual run.

You need to send us the proof of your running. The only way you can send us the proof is by signing in to your account and upload the photo/screenshot of your running result on the "My Order" section or sending us the photo/screenshot to the whatsapp number that we will use to notify you when the running period is about to start. You just need to reply to the whatsapp message you receive.

1. You can upload your screenshot/photo of your result at the "My Ticket" section under "My Order". Please choose which e-ticket represents the Virtual Run and click "Upload Files".

2. You can reply to the Whatsapp reminder message from us reminding of the running period time nearly starts with a screenshot/photo the result of your running.

A photo or screenshot showing the result of your running.

1. It can be a GPS running tracker apps.
2. A treadmill results.
3. Any smartphone/smartwatch running tracker apps that can show your running result.

It is a 5KM fun run.

Anywhere in the world as you'll do it on your own or in a group.

You can run on a treadmill as well.

1. Lokein-O-Rama Night Fun Run 2019 finisher t-shirt (as in picture).

2. A boombox medal. (Boombox is a vintage radio).

3. Glow in the dark bracelet.

4. E-certificate.

After we've verified your running result, we will send your reward via Pos Laju. You'll expect to receive within 1-4 working days depending on location.

Please make sure your shipping address is up to date on your address section.

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